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Fig Total RNA

PLR-1042 Zyagen 0.05mg

Oat Total RNA

PLR-1096 Zyagen 0.05mg

Rye Total RNA

PLR-1097 Zyagen 0.05mg

Plant RNA Kit

abx098091-100l Abbexa 100 µl

Plant RNA Kit

abx098091-1ml Abbexa 1 ml

Plant RNA Kit

abx098091-200l Abbexa 200 µl

Blood RNA Kit

abx098092-100l Abbexa 100 µl

H2B Antibody Antibody

E11-184659 EnoGene 100ug/100ul 225 EUR

Lck antibody Antibody

GWB-250026 GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

anti- Antibody^Polyclonal antibody control antibody

LSMab09882 Lifescience Market 100 ug 525.6 EUR

CD11b Antibody Antibody

E19-2911-1 EnoGene 50ug/50ul 145 EUR

CD11b Antibody Antibody

E19-2911-2 EnoGene 100ug/100ul 225 EUR

ZNF98 Antibody Antibody

E36403 EnoGene 100μg 275 EUR

HSP60 Antibody Antibody

E8M1007-4 EnoGene 100ul 225 EUR

ASAP1 antibody Antibody

DF8746 Affbiotech 200ul 420 EUR

Our used References in Pubmed.

Test Product

ZX001 AAT Bioquest 1mg Ask for price

Test Product

ZX002 AAT Bioquest 5mg Ask for price

Test product

testttt National Diagnostics 0 Ask for price

anti- TES antibody

FNab08600 FN Test 100µg 658.5 EUR

Quinolone rapid test strip Fluoroquinolone rapid test strip

LSY-20047 Shenzhen Lvshiyuan Biotechnology 96 test/kit Ask for price

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