BioConstructor Molecular Cloning Software

Lenti vector viral particles from E. coli plasmids with Puro

Welcome to BioConstructor® New molecular cloning software

Molecular cloning starts with BioConstructor

BioConstructor is a software developed to design, plan and produce genetic constructs.
BioConstructor simulates molecular cloning processes according to researchers’ specifications.
BioConstructor documents and archives all relevant data of the cloning project.
BioConstructor is an indispensable aide in the molecular biology lab.

Welcome to BioConstructor® New molecular cloning software

BioConstructor 1.2 offers you:

  • Computation and simulation of cloning strategies
  • Full documentation of all project data
  • Data management for up to 256 users
  • Enhanced PCR-Primer selection
  • More sequence data import options
  • Export of high-resolution publication quality graphics
  • Multiple Alignment, Analysis for ORFs and motifs

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