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Ultra-Sensitive Insulin ELISA Kit


Catalogue #: 80-INSHUU-E01.1

Species: Human

Regulatory status: FDA class I devise. For in vitro diagnostic use.

Product distribution: Available worldwide

Distance: 0.15 – 20 µIU/mL

Sensitivity: 0.135 µIU/mL

Sizes: 96 wells

Sample types: plasma, serum

Incubation time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Sample size: 25μL

Detection: colorimetric

Additional Information

The Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA Kit is an FDA-registered in vitro diagnostic tool for the quantification of human insulin in a clinical or research laboratory setting. The High Sensitive Insulin ELISA uses a 96-well microplate, diabetic control, dual monoclonal antibody sandwich ELISA format comprising removable strips. The High Sensitive Insulin ELISA Kit has the performance characteristics and flexibility to confidently measure up to 40 samples in duplicate. The component shelf life and resealable microplate bag allow for convenient storage for future use if the entire kit is not needed at once.

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